Borgo del Maglio di Ome

The Maglio Averoldi is part of the museum complex Borgo del Maglio, an area with a strong cultural character, which offers its visitors the charming experience of discovering an ancient forge of the fifteenth century and a valuable collection kept in the Casa Museo Pietro Malossi.

Animated by the hydraulic force of the Molinaria canal and by the passion of the blacksmith Andrea Averoldi (known as "Maér"), the mill remained active until 1984, producing agricultural tools. After careful restoration by the Municipality, the forge was reopened in 2000.

In addition to traditional guided tours and educational workshops, the complete activation of the forge can be requested, with the opportunity to witness the traditional forging operations that transform damask steel into valuable collectible blades.

The village of Maglio is part of the itinerary “La Via del Ferro e delle Miniere della Valle Trompia”, that gives the chance to discover the old plants and mines where iron was extracted and processed.


Borgo del Maglio di Ome

Via Maglio, 51
25050 Ome (BS)

March - October - November:
Sat 10:00-12:00
Sun and holidays 15:00-17:00
Sat-Sun and holidays 10:00-12:00 / 15:00-18:00
December - January - February:
Holidays openings:
Easter Monday, 25/04, 1/05, 2/06, 15/08 Holidays closing:
Easter Sunday and All Saints

TEL CUP: 030.8337495 030.2809556;


Exit Ospitaletto Motorway toll, direction Concesio-Val Trompia. After about 5 Km, exit Rodengo-Ome and follow directions to Ome. Once in Ome continue to Borgo del maglio di Ome. Approximately 15 minutes.

Brescia station. Ome-Monticelli Brusati Bus, managed by SIA (the station is 100 m away). Approximately 40 minutes.


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